This Advertising Life

Jul 28

raymitheminx said: PLEASE COME BACK?

I made a post for you.

when someone does something silly as they pass a conference room

Sorry I’ve been MIA

Jul 22

helloamyo said: hours


thelittlethingsinone said: Do you want to build a snowman ??? 🔫 ❄️🔪⛄️🔪❄️

Given that it’s summer, maybe we can build a dustman. Or a sandwichman.

frankunderwood22 said: I don't mean to get too personal, but about how much do you make? How much does your creative director make?

I make a quite comfortable amount. My creative director makes way more than that.

ogjmk said: I miss you!

And OOOOHHHHHHHH I miss you.

All of you. I’mma get this taken care of now. Sorry for being a bum :(

mesadepartes said: your technical issues are related to summer break? lol