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Sep 15

when I spend forever filling out a lengthy expense report only to get the email saying I did something wrong

I feel your pain, @RauliuxRaulix.

joyful-expressions said: Hi! I'm a junior in college majoring in advertising... but I don't know what I got myself into honestly. I chose this major because I like being creative, designing, and coming up with ideas but other than that Im pretty lost. Do you have any advice?

Can you explain it a little more? What about it is confusing to you? If you want to be a designer, then a much better avenue of schooling for you would be graphic design.

howtinyismi said: Would you continue to work with a talented CW even he is your reason of headache?

Do you have other options? Is it really that bad? Would this CW say you’re the reason for his headache?

Sep 10

when the client gives us attitude

Sep 09

when I’m wearing headphones and someone approaches me from the side

floridafirstclass said: What is the Accounting side of advertising like? Is it as fun as creative side? Do they sometimes offer ideas?

Are you talking about account side or literally accounting?

Account side works side by side with creative a lot and I get along with my account folks so we have a good time. They sometimes offer ideas, yes. They have to talk to the client all the time, though, so patience is a virtue in that department.

Accounting has to do with numbers or sumthin, idk.

Sep 08


I’m coming back. Not that anyone should be overly excited or anything. But just thought I’d share.