This Advertising Life

Apr 24


This Advertising Life turns two today! Chubby Haley Joel Osment is excited:

Thanks to all of you for helping me do this thang. It’s been a fun ride, and I hope to keep it up for quite some time to come. 

Apr 23

when my creative director tries to leave without giving me feedback

Thanks for the gif, Robert Boland!

johnnienguyen asked: What are some advices you would give a young creative trying to get into the advertising world?

Be hungry. Don’t sleep. Pay attention to everything. Be helpful. Have a good attitude. Don’t give up. Eat any free food you can get your hands on. Collaborate constantly. Draw. Write. Stop fast-forwarding through commercials. Be social. Take walks. Drink coffee. Be yourself (unless you’re a huge prick). 

Most importantly: don’t take anything - yourself included - too seriously.

Apr 22

dolanwrites asked: Do you ever get comments from your coworkers about this tumblr? How often are posts influenced by office antics/circumstances?

Yeah, most of my coworkers know I do this. They always submit gifs and such, and sometimes will request a post in response to something they’re dealing with: crappy client meetings, the cleaning lady coming at inopportune times, a contractor quitting the day after they started, etc. Many posts are based on personal experience, but many of them come from other people’s experiences as well.

nicolekang asked: What is your blood type? Who are your ancestors? On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like Nicholas Cage? Who am I?

Blood type: red. Ancestors: Swedish marauders. Nicholas Cage: the One True God. You are Beyasiancé.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. So is water in kids’ drawings. 

secretivesystem asked: From one Mad Man to another, what agency do you work at!? And if you won't tell us that much, can we at least know your department? Thanks so much!

I’ve answered both of these questions today! Just scroll on down.

weskimcom asked: I probably reblog from here more often than any other blog, usually while sighing deeply. Know of any open copywriting/ACD positions in Seattle?

Let me move to Seattle real quick and I’ll let you know once I hear of anything.