rockingjoe asked:

Hi, How are you doing? What is it like being a copywriter? How did you go about becoming a copywriter and What was it like when you were just starting out and looking for jobs in the industry? What did you do to help you stand out in an application or interview? I think of myself as a creative and I think I could become a copywriter but I have been unsuccessful in getting a job in the advertising industry. I have applied to many roles for a graduate but haven't had a positive response, some help

Hi, I am well.

I’ve said this before, but it’s like putting your bare butt on a freshly baked sheet cake.

I went to portfolio school and it was good, easier than school actually.

I knew the right people.

If you want to be a copywriter with no experience or training you might look into portfolio school as well.

joyful-expressions asked:

Hi! I'm a junior in college majoring in advertising... but I don't know what I got myself into honestly. I chose this major because I like being creative, designing, and coming up with ideas but other than that Im pretty lost. Do you have any advice?

Can you explain it a little more? What about it is confusing to you? If you want to be a designer, then a much better avenue of schooling for you would be graphic design.