Rantingantlers wishes to inquire:

I have recently changed my major to advertising and honestly do not know much about it. I was wondering if you could tell me what exactly you do, your work hours, basically just the ins and outs of advertising - maybe some things you wish you knew going into it that you love and also some things that you weren’t expecting that you don’t enjoy. Thank you (:

I respond:

Hi! Advertising as an undergrad experience is a strange beast. It all depends on what you want to do in advertising. Do you want to be a creative, as in a copywriter or designer? If so, then a degree in journalism or English for copywriter or a degree in graphic design might be a better suit for you. Most folks I know who majored in advertising are in delivery management or account exec roles as it tends to focus more on the “business” side of the industry.

Typical day. I show up to the office, check my email, make sure I don’t have any pressing deadlines or meetings and if I do, I get to work. Otherwise, I make my Internet rounds (tumblr, Twitter, FB, etc). Throughout the day I attend meetings, do brainstorms, write (I’m a copywriter, btw), make edits, review work, etc. Sometimes it’s crazy, sometimes it’s slow. Lots of hanging out, hour-long lunches, other fun stuff when it’s slow. 

This could go on and on, but if you wish to know, feel free to shoot me an email. Good luck!