the top 10 so far

Here are the top 10 posts after the top 7 so far post:

1. looking back over some of my old work

2. when I suddenly remember I have something due by end of day

3. when I open an email containing a mock up the client made to “show me what they’re talking about

4. when the client doesn’t like the work but my account bro/ladybro has my back

5. when the client kills my favorite concept

6. when I see something I made in the real world

7. when I’m working on multiple projects at once and get put on something new

8. when I get emails harassing me about my time sheets

9. when my creative director offhandedly mentions possible weekend work

and my favorite of the bunch

10. how I start to feel after more than 5 rounds of significant revisions

Thanks for the amazing past two months. Y’all are good peeps.